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Lick Me All Over Chameleon Room Spray

  • Scent: Fruity Rings
  • Use it as a body spray, or an air and room freshener
  • These smell just like our soaps!
  • They are gentle enough to spray on your body and yet strong enough to remove bad odors
  • We have had multiple animals, and this stuff works!
  • Our chameleon spray is one of our top selling products

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Did you Love Fruit rings as a child? Our Lick Me All Over Chameleon Room Spray has caught this wonderful cereal smell in a fruity spritz. So juicy and packed with fruit smells you will want to take grab your cereal bowl and spoon!

Our Lick Me All Over Chameleon Room Spray comes in a Non-Aerosol Spray, Odor Eliminator, and Room Freshener. 4 oz. Aluminum (recyclable) bottle. Always color test sprays on a small area of fabrics and Shake before use.

This is also one of our Top selling Soap!

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Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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